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Digital Mammography

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The Department of Medical Imaging at South Bay Hospital provides digital mammography services and is conveniently located within the hospital facility.

What is Digital Mammography?

Digital Mammography produces a higher quality image than traditional mammography. The high resolution image can be enhanced and manipulated, which allows the physician to zoom in on questionable areas and make adjustments to the image. This technology expands our ability to detect abnormalities and breast cancer in more women.

It also allows for a shorter exam time and less time spent waiting on results. Since the image is instantly transferred to a computer, there is no longer the need to wait on film development. This means our patients get their results sooner.

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Digital Mammography FAQs

What are the benefits of digital mammography?

Digital mammography results in:

  • Shorter exam times and faster results than traditional mammography
  • Detection of breast abnormalities in women under 50 or women with dense breast tissue, who are often at higher risk for breast cancer
  • Higher quality images that:
    • May be enhanced and manipulated for further evaluation
    • Make it easier to differentiate cancer tissue from normal tissue
    • Can be stored permanently and, if necessary, printed on film

What diagnostic services do we offer?

The Outpatient Diagnostic and Rehab Center at South Bay Hospital offers:

  • Digital Mammogram
    • This is conducted the same way as a traditional film-based mammogram, with two views taken of each compressed breast.
  • Breast Ultrasound
    • This diagnostic procedure studies a specific area found on the mammogram or on a lump discovered by the patient. Breast ultrasounds are used in conjunction with a mammogram. Due to their limited scope, they cannot be used as a replacement for a mammogram.
  • Computer-Assisted Detection
    • Our radiologists evaluate your digital mammogram with the aid of Computer Assisted Detection (CAD) software. This special system increases the accuracy of their evaluation of your mammogram.

When will I receive my results?

If an abnormality is found in your mammogram, you will receive your screening results in 48 hours, on average. Your physician will be contacted immediately with your results and will review and discuss them with you.