american college of radiology ultrasound accredited facility seal

South Bay Hospital's Department of Medical Imaging (Radiology) offers diagnostic and treatment services. We also feature PACS (Picture Archiving System) which creates digital images of our radiology procedures that can be viewed by multiple physicians and in multiple locations over a secure network. We are proud to be accredited in CT, Mammography, MRI, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound by the American College of Radiology.

Our Services

Bone Density Screening (DEXA)

Measures your bone mineral density and bone loss due to osteoporosis or other medical conditions.

Cat Scan (CT)

Creates multiple, cross sectional images of the body that are viewed on a computer. These images help in the diagnosis of various medical conditions.

Diagnostic Radiology (X-rays)

Featuring an elevated four-way floating tabletop, our Diagnostic Radiology equipment allows for images to be taken from a variety of angles.

Digital Mammography

Produces high resolution images that can be enhanced and adjusted by the physician, expanding the ability to detect abnormalities and breast cancer.

Interventional Radiology

Using image guidance, our Interventional Radiologists can perform minimally invasive procedures for diagnostic purposes and treatment purposes.

Magnetic Resononance Imaging (MRI)

Creates high-contrast images of internal soft tissue for use in diagnosis. Our MRI features a two-way intercom and hand-held call button, allowing you to communicate with our technologists.

Nuclear Medicine

Used in the treatment and diagnosis of a variety of medical conditions, nuclear medicine utilizes small amounts of radioactive materials to help physicians examine the structure and function of various internal organs and tissues.


Using sound waves, we can create images of various parts of your body, including the abdomen, reproductive system, and breast imaging to aid in the diagnosis of various medical conditions.


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