Office Managers and schedulers are a very important part of the healthcare industry, so we want to make your life a little easier. This section contains resources to help your patients have a more efficient and pleasant experience at South Bay Hospital.

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Blood Transfusion Scheduling Instructions

Blood Transfusions need to be scheduled by calling 1 (866) 463-7002. This includes same day service. Outpatient Blood Transfusion procedure is broken up into two sections making it a 48 hour process. The first section is the blood draw and testing. Then the patient will return to the hospital the next day based on a call from the House Supervisor for the transfusion portion. Patients need to show up an half an hour before their appointment for registration on the first day. Outpatient Transfusion can be scheduled Monday thru Friday starting at 1300 for every half an hour until 1500. STAT orders need to be called to the House Supervisor for bed availability for the next day of business for the transfusion portion of the process.