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South Bay Hospital Participates in Ground Breaking Study on MRSA Prevention

South Bay Hospital October 19, 2012

Sun City Center, FL — South Bay Hospital participated in a ground breaking study which concluded that using antimicrobial soap and ointment on Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients reduces bloodstream infections, including methicillin-resistant staphylococcusaureus (MRSA), by 44 percent.

The study, known as Randomized Evaluation of Decolonization Versus Universal Clearance to Eliminate (REDUCE) MRSA, was a collaborative effort between South Bay Hospital’s parent company, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Harvard University and several other academic institutions. The study involved 43 HCA hospitals and nearly 75,000 patients located in 74 Adult ICUs.

The results of the study were released this week at IDWeek™, an annual meeting of infectious disease organizations. The results showed strong evidence that the widely used practice of Screening and Isolation for MRSA are not as effective as Universal Decolonization, or treating all patients in the ICU setting with an ointment and antimicrobial soap.

“Providing quality patient care remains our top priority,” says Sharon Roush, Chief Executive Officer at South Bay Hospital. “Participating in studies such as the REDUCE MRSA Trial allows us to develop and implement demonstrated practices that keep patients healthy while in the hospital.”

For more information, please call 813-634-0496.

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