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Faster Access to Vital Signs

South Bay Hospital January 06, 2012

Sun City Center, Florida - South Bay Hospital has implemented a new electronic system, Vitals Now, which automatically sends a patient’s vital signs to their electronic record. A nurse can take a patient’s blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and temperature and have the results instantly entered into the patient’s medical record.

The nurse begins by scanning the patient’s armband and pulling up their electronic record. After verifying the patient information, the nurse can begin to take the patient’s vital signs using the hospital’s Dyna-Map electronic monitoring system. The results are automatically recorded by the Vitals Now electronic system. Once the nurse has finished taking the vital signs, they submit the information and it is electronically sent into the patient’s medical record.

“This new system allows for greater accuracy and faster turnaround times,” says Amy Hemby, Senior Clinical Analyst at South Bay Hospital. “Physicians can instantly see the vital signs of each of their patients, and this automation prevents any delay in care. The new electronic system also reduces the likelihood of errors in a patient’s record and improves overall quality of care.”

For more information on Vitals Now, call Natalia Diaz at 813-634-0496.

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