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Hospital Launches the Use of Capsule Endoscopy

July 25, 2011

Sun City Center, FL - South Bay Hospital now offers capsule endoscopy, a procedure that uses a pill sized video camera that allows physicians to view the inside of the small intestine. During the procedure, a tiny camera is swallowed and travels through the digestive tract. The camera takes photographs which are transmitted to a recorder that is worn on a belt around the waist.

“In some instances people are bleeding and we cannot tell where they are bleeding from,” says Dr. Ashok Dhaduvai, MD, Gastroenterologist and Chief of Staff at South Bay Hospital. “The capsule lets us go into the small intestine to find the bleeding. It is a procedure that requires no hospital stay, offers quick results, and it is less invasive than other forms of endoscopy.”

With this new technology, physicians are able to better diagnose and manage diseases of the small intestine. Located between the stomach and the colon, the small intestine has traditionally been difficult to reach with other endoscopy procedures and imaging tests. The capsule endoscopy can be helpful in diagnosing gastrointestinal bleeding, Crohn’s Disease, and cancer.

For more information on capsule endoscopy at South Bay Hospital, contact Natalia Diaz at (813) 634-0496.